Bye Bye Berlin

Ok to be honest I am little bit emotional right now. Yesterday I had my Good-Bye-Party and I just woke up a little hangover but with this warm and nice feeling of happiness in my tummy.

It couldn’t be different, because in the end so many of my friends told me again how much they will miss me or why they like me. Maybe that’s the thing on Good-Bye-Parties. But still.

It is so nice!


Once you leave, you are able to appreciate what you have so much more.

I got aware how much I actually lived here and build up that comfort zone out of people who are just great. Moreover most of my friends came back at me like “Remember when we…” , “Oh, Nora! Now I don’t have anyone to this with anymore…”, “Before you leave we have to do this, because we wanted to do this since…”.

I was wondering, if this is the key of travelling? If you travelling like me, you are actually always leaving. Basically you’re on the run.

You go somewhere and have this intense and great time and before it even gets boring you are leaving again and just look back at it and say “awesome”.

Gosh man! That really made me sentimental about the time I already had in Berlin and let it be appreciated in a way I normally don’t even think about.

Well, my luck was that I not only celebrated my Good-Bye-Party, also it was the Birthday-Party of one of my friends, Marc, who plays Lacrosse with me. By the way Marc and me celebrated in the Fredericks Bar in Wedding. You see Eddy the owner of the Bar at the pictures above. It was an incredible nice night because of them. They were super easy going, made us turkish food and have good prices.

So, in the end everybody got drunk, had fun and no one got sentimental but me (very secretly). Just quietly inside of me. I woke up like this now: Happy & Hangover appreciating a lot more what I have mostly because of those great people: my friends.