Put the words on the Table - Rakı Nights in Istanbul

Rakı - is it Turkish or Greek? A big fight between two nations and only one way to find out: Drink it.

Max and me were invited by our Turkish friends Alper and Beste. They say a Rakı-Night is an impotant thing to do in Istanbul. To quote Alper: "It is where you put the words on the table".

You meet your friends, order a bottle of Rakı and talk. As less Rakı is in the bottle, as more the Rakı is speaking.

The traditional way of drinking Rakı is one glass with little bit of Rakı filled up with water and two Ice-Cubes - and then Şerefe!

We went to a Restaurant called Aret'in Yeri in Beyoglu in Istanbul. It's a Roof Terrace, where they serve delicious Turkish Food - and Rakı.

We had several starters like marinated Fish in Basil Pesto, Cheese Cream, Fried Mushrooms, Parsley Garnet Apple Salat and toasted Bread. 

It was so delicous, that I was already full after the starting menu - Moreover I tried to eat as much as I can, because I was afraid of the glowing drunkness ahead of me.
But! The Turkish way of eating is slow! 
"We will eat all night", its what Beste said and we did. 
After the Starters the Main Dish and Dessert were served - Fish Pie, another grilled Fish, followed by the most perfect Choclate Suffle (YUMM!!) and a creamy Suffle, which tasted like Peanut Butter Cream, but hadn't had anything to do with it. It is called Suffle ve Helva and is just the perfect ending for Fish Menus. 

Rakı Nights end with Turkish Coffee, short and very strong. 

After Beste finished her coffee, she tiped the cup over and placed her ring on it. I never seen something like this before and aksed her why she does that, but she just smiled at me, did the same with my coffee cup and said "Now you have to wait."

30 Minutes later -  3 cigarettes, 4 songs people in the restaurant sung along with and 5 standing-ovations for just anyone and no reason - Beste tipped my coffee around and gave it to Max - Max, who had already exerpienced Rakı Nights, took my cup and started to read my future out of my coffee ground. 
This was followed by long speaches from all of us in reading the future to each other - Clearly the Rakı was speaking ;)

After three days in Istanbul this is definetly a highlight - Rakı Nights are the best occacion to speak - Or: To put the words on the table. 
And you only can have a Rakı Night when you:
feel good
feel shit
got a Job
lost a Job
just entered a relationship
coming back

The following Video is from Max Blog and you hear the Song "Coy Coy" meaning "Drink Drink" and get a little feeling of what I speak about: