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Every aspect in life is a lesson to learn - A collection of mine:

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05. September 2017

The realization that procreation is never more than a variation of copy&paste DNA from humans before us and this is what will be after us - is a really funny thing.


14. July 2017

Das verbrennen an Feuer.

Leidenschaftliches Mensch sein - Du fiese Illusion!
Lass uns wild tanzen und scharfe Ecken laufen, lass uns nichts egal sein und für Gerechtigkeit kämpfen, lass uns alles lieben und uns trauen zu hassen, die Euphorie leben und die ständige Angst um die Lieben in Kauf nehmen, lass uns die Welt verändern, wenn wir können! - bis wir daran kaputt gehen. Du hast alles angestiftet und nichts beendet, die Realität ist jetzt dein Chaos und du lässt sie in Frieden.
"Und dann kehren wir mit gebrochenen Flügeln zurück und das Leben geht weiter so als ob nichts gewesen wäre" Und nun bist du einer der Vögel, der nicht mehr vom fliegen träumt.
Und das ist vielleicht die traurigste aller Gestalten. 
Sei mein Licht, aber rette mich vor deinem Schatten!


10. July 2017 

Festival Feeling 

So I went through my first full on festival experience. 
Did I like it? 
Well next to the purpose of music let's start with the fact that feeling of being free, creative, diverse, crazy, whatever hair don't care and dancing, dressing, laughing, eating, drinking and simply doing everything you want to is absolutely beautiful.
But then again going to a festival is closing yourself into a bubble in which after four days you see these beautiful things turning into a dirty mess, with zombie people, bleeding, unable to really speak, think, but act, the music getting harder and harder and everything seems to be destroyed faster and faster which appeared so beautiful in the first place.
I guess that's simply what happens humans coming together in masses being allowed to completely being whatever they want to. This thought and seeing the turn makes me sad, although I loved everything that happened to me. If I wanna be part of something like this again, I don't know.


9. June 2017 

Move me. 



24. April 2017 

I look at them and then I know exactly why to enjoy life again 🎈


03. April 2017

When you always thought you were super cool and then you grow up and realise you were just that ass. But an ass who always loved her sisters 🖤


26. March .2017

The moment I miss most in life

is the freedom of waking up

everyday somewhere else

never knowing what's next

but knowing you are next to me

being my only constant in life

 I guess this is the freedom of being home where the heart is, as Gandhi used to say.


25. März 2017

Drinking from your cup fills me up with your soul.



25. März 2017

Walking in the morning light of big cities when everybody is still sleeping is like discovering a new planet. 


25. März 2017

Loving horizon

Sharing this enormous energy again, finding a melody which turns your emotions into stories, your stories into songs, and life into music. 

This is the energy which carries me through life, making me not wanting to own anything anymore, but sharing everything I have. It's a reminder that the things which are hard to believe are real.

Thank you teaching me: You didn’t left me when you went away. You are within me and I am within you, this already happened and is something no-one can take away from us anymore. You are with me, while I am without you.

You loved me the same way I loved you. We can not go higher.  But you can share it and keep it alive.

I wish you well, I wish you the best. 



10. März 2017

Chaos is just an order you do not understand. If you have a deeper look you will see what it stands for. 


25. Februar 2017

Two small girls carry the biggest love in me. 

(about being an aunt)


18. Februar 2017

It is crazy what kind of stress we are able to handle, as long as we take a break and become completely silent within this fast, chaotic and challenging surrounding. 


26. Januar 2017

 To my sister

Some pictures can tell a Story by very little details and the atmosphere they kept.

You were my best friend, my trouble maker, my buddy in naughty moments, you were my worst enemy and still my pride to protect and in the end you always were my hero and someone to be inspired by. You were always there and walked through the same steps in my life as me.

As simple as that: You being there was the greatest gift to my life. 


11. Dezember 2016

Und jeder Tropfen ein umgedrehtes Fenster. 


21. September 2016

 I got the best out of my worst.

What would you do, if you loose everything? – after the pain, wouldn’t it set you free?

Is living in the nature, with nothing more than what you are and what you really need, a bad situation?


Its hard.

Its worth it.


28. August 2016

Having this kind of friend you would enjoy any rain shower with. 


16. August 2016

How amazing is it between clouds?

Super amazing.


23. August 2016

Trees & Light makes the soul feel hmmm…


17. August 2016     

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be. 


15. August 2016

As humans we tend to overrate ourselves.

Actutally we are just a small detail.

Doing good if we only change small things and being truly loved by one single person.

That is all we need to be happy. This is the recipe for turning small things into big things. 


12. August 2016

Everything is happening. 


9. August 2016

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


9. August 2016

It is so easy to let feelings travel!


8 August 2016

Is creativity something, which grows like flowers but out of dreams?

I guess so. 


6. August 2016

The person, who shows me best why life is great, is five years old. 


6. August 2016

Light is home!


26. Juli 2016

My superpower is deep down in my heart & in the love I gain from others.

Where is yours? 


19. Juli 2016
The greatest part about being loved, is to be hold and wanted in your most annoying moments. 


17. Juli 2016

And there will be someone that comes along one day and offers you an entire galaxy when you just discovered a planet. 


11. Juli 106

Ich bin jetzt schon länger Single und ich muss sagen, ich glaube ich bin die Richtige. 


10. Juli 2016



4. Juli 2016

“The bad” is just the disappointment in how much it actually meant to us before we lost it.

So are we bad or sad?

Both, he said. Happiness returns later. Every up is followed by a down, only the most simple satisfaction is a straight line.

But this is clearly boring. 


27. Juni 2016

Your love is not a cage, it´s a gift to be well received. 

(Nikita Gill)


23. Juni 2016

Momente zu Hause werden offensichtlich nicht in Zeit gemessen, sondern einfach nur in dem Gefühl, dass sie dir hinterlassen: Hier bist du zu Hause. 


23. Juni 2016

The highest form of Love is pure happiness and a ball of energy.


23. Juni 2016

This world is just too good to be true, I can´t take my eyes of you! 


7. Juni 2017

Brainwashed by nature. 


6. Juni 2017
Liebe, Liebe der Sommer ist da!


5. Juni 2016

You can do absolutely everything you want to.



1. Juni 2016

Es sind die kleinen Dinge, die es tun.

(Holly Hobbie)


23. 2016

Frame it. I love chaos.