You being here is already wonderful! It shows your interest curiosity to a story to be re-told to you! Chose from the four sections below, which stories intrest you most.

In 2015 I was so unbelievably shocked about what I heard about textile production. All of it sounded like rumours to me, not reality after all. I So hitch hiked from Istanbul to India and looked into all kinds of textile productions. I share the stories of these wonderful humans, textiles and ways of production here. This blog was written on my iPad during a hitch hiking trip, meaning, it was written in trucks, boats, on sidewalks and between the borders of six different countries. So be gentle when you find misstakes in writig. It is an authentic reflection of how a mindset starts changing once you know the story behind your clothes…

Today I am the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution for Germany and active in many other extends for more sustainablity  - At this blog you will find out about all projects and stories I was/am involved in.


Rumors & Reality about the price of Clothing

Labels - Their View in Textile value chains