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In 2013, for the first time in my life, I heard about the details of textile production. I just finished a shopping trip and sat down in a pub with a friend, when he told me about the conditions that lead to our ability to consume seemingly endlessly. I felt terrible. Were those stories actually real? Because, to be honest, most of it somehow sounded like exaggerations and over-dramatized rumors to me. I started researching, still I was not able to believe what I was reading. I had to find out about the story behind the label. So, in 2015 I hitchhiked from Istanbul to India and looked into all kinds of textile productions. On my way I was able to meet the most wonderful people along the way, to touch the prettiest textiles and to see all the steps of clothes production chains. But this is not just my journey. By sharing all the stories that I have heard, seen and felt, this story is ours! And most of all it is the story of the people, who are involved in clothes production. I wrote this blog on trucks, boats and crowded sidewalks – somewhere between the borders of six different countries. So, it became a reflection of how a mindset starts changing once you know the story behind your clothes…

Today I am the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Germany and participate in many other projects that target the enforcement of sustainability – by clicking here you find all the other projects, that I was and am involved in.


Rumors & Reality about the price of Clothing

Labels - Their View in Textile value chains