The horrifying Story behind Halloween Costumes

Whooohooo Halloween tuck over in Germany – or at least in Berlin. Completely!

Going on a subway with a wired face and a costume does not even depend on Halloween. Actually you can sit next to the weirdest costumes of all time all year. U-Bahn in Berlin is quite entertaining for that.

So what did I do for Halloween this year?

I was invited at this super cool Party of my friend Marie, she is super creative and lives in a big shared flat in Moabit with two guys. And she just loves costumes!

Well, Halloween swapped over from America to Europe with all Hollywood movies and it became quite an extreme thing. The bad thing about Halloween is that it is a lot of waste. Indeed the entire business is built on waste. No and I don’t mean you get wasted yourself – I mean the costumes.


I love to get creative with clothes, but I am not really a friend of those costumes you buy and never wear again.

So what I actually do is looking through my own clothes. This is a little wired to say, but I was surprised how dark and wired I can get with what I have so far. Moreover it was just so much fun to combine normal clothes in a totally different way.


My best friend Julie and me both love Vintage Clothes and living in Berlin makes it pretty easy to find cool stuff from the 20’,30’ and 50’. So going through Vintage stuff it makes you buying actually a lot higher quality in clothes then you get when you ordering a costume online. Actually my best Friend Julie ended up as a zombie in a Wedding Dress from the twenties.


When you love Halloween as much as my friend Marie, then why don’t you do it yourself? Marie is a super creative so she made the dress you see on the pictures herself – The cool thing about it is you are definitely unique in your costume and by chance you wear it again.

So there are so many cool alternatives to those low-quality and under-bad-conditions-made-Costumes. So don’t let the production of your Halloween costume being the most horrifying thing about it.