The story behind the stripy North Sea


Do you know this song, which goes „girls, girls, girls,…“ ? – In my head I hear the melody of this song while I turn my head around Juist looking what everyone is wearing. I see stripes and stripes and stripes - in my head the song goes “stripes, stripes, stripes,…”

Juist is one of the little German islands at the North Sea and the maritime look is definitely established in the street wear. Indeed you also can buy the typical stripe-wear on the Island.  Juist (only 17km long and 500 meters wide) is very small. But the small Island has shops for every need.

The shop Tiemann in Juist "city centre" is one of the boutiques where you get striped scarfs, heads, bandeaus, jerseys and everything else you can imagine with stripes. It’s basically a colourful striped world.

The striped collection is made out of cotton, which becomes handy in the harsh cold wind at the North Sea.

So from my perspective they have been worn “forever”.

But as they been quite successful in selling their products they also seem to take the way of production as an important part of their company philosophy.

Ostfriesland. Its the area of Germany Juist belongs to flat land which is dominated by farming. Not many people live there. A characteristic of the mentality up North is the way people being down-to-earth. They like it simple, straight almost beeing cold. If you being ironic – they probably do not get it! I am not exaggerating when I say they are the opposite of the American way of "talking much, saying less". They are more the kind of people who "do not talk until they have to". 

Well, not having much people around you does not make you speak a lot I guess. As you can see on the picture below they live without anyone around them.

Specially when they live on one of those little Islands in the North Sea, called Hallig. A Hallig often only has one house on one Island and because of the tides at the North Sea you can not leave whenever you want. Maybe it seems a little lonley, but as many of them told me: The way they see it, it is more "they don't get disturbed by anyone".

What people of Ostfriesland have strong feelings about is their land. They always feel connected to the countryside around them. The design from modAS represents this mentality in their company’s philosophy pretty well. It is a German label made in Germany for Germans – not to take me wrong, there are more and more international guests coming to Juist and the other Ostfrisischen Islands, but it’s a fact this area is dominated by German tourists.

So  anyone wana go now checking out on stripes?

Let me know