Artificial Stuff from Mauerpark Fleemarket

Every sunday Berlin is full of Fleemarkets. When it comes to Mauerpark in Berlin you will find people who call it Touristtrap or some even call it a Sight. 

Mauerpark sunset

And it is true that Mauerpark is more expensive than other Fleemarkets and that there is a holy mass of people, mostly tourists (...and me :P ). Also there are selling more professionals than privat sellers. 

Anyway! To me this is great! I love to discover new shops and Labels. And as you might know, Berlin is huge! I would never find so many if there woulnd't be Mauerpark Fleemarket. On a sunday all of them come together, present their nicest stuff and tell me their story. To me this is Fashion Week every Week!

Lina is one of those artifical Sellers at Mauerpark Fleemarket. She owns this shop called WHAO!!! on Warschauerstr 68 in Fridrichshain where you find everything what you need for going partying.

Lina is a tailoress and has this thing about draperys. Everytime she goes travelling she brings some of the nicesest material she could find on her trip back home. Here in Berlin she started making bags out of them. 

The bags have a simple and classy design and are actually quite thought through. Lina told me that she started making them two years ago and tried a lot on how big the handels have to be and whats the perfect shape of the bag. - I just love when people do in what they are good in!

Well, I admit that I brought myself a bag also. They are seriously hanging perfectly down on your arm. Morover they are super light so you basically just lift what you carry. - For travelling such an important fact. Nevertheless they are just fancy and definetly unique.

Another super cool fact about them is that you can turn over your bag and wear another pattern. The pattern you see on the picture is called Toile de Jouy. These kind of pattern started to introduce the era of cotton as a fancy materical in the 18th century. Because easly said: European Kings and Queens were fascinated by the Art on such an easy material as cotton and this is how it became a Fashion Trend.

Lina found her Toile de Jouy in Brussels. One bag is between 15-19€. 

Well, for me Lina made it another sunday worth visiting Mauerpark. So let me know what you think about it :)