Turkish Designers with 100% Love

In the sunny corner at a little round-about in Balçova not far from the coast in Izmir, Turkey you will find the Cinco de Junio Designer Store.

Ece Gümüs turned her Online-Shop into a Shop after she finished her Economic studies. The bright shop with the huge windows is full of colourful Clothes and Accessoires. No wonder. The Clothes you will find in Eces shop are Designer Clothes, which are also worn by Celebrities like Özlem Yıldız wearing a black cut-out design dress by Filiz Turanlı

Some of the items are even unique. Designers like Selen Sürücü with her Label Lulubella makes customized bags.

The Cinco Designer Store shows Designers from all over Turkey - "Hello Paradise" screamed a voice in my head! Ece sais that she got to know the diffrent Designers over the past 4 years since she started this business.

"This shop has a strong Istanbul impact", Ece tells me. Every year she is driving to Istanbul to a Charity Event Supermoms  where she sells her Designer Goods, the earnings are donated to a charity program for kids with cancer.



Eces Fable for Fashion started with Jewellery and Cell Phone cases, which she made herself. Ever since she loved to create stuff. Today she turns her love into a buisness - as it sais on the business cards also: Made with 100% Love. Enter the Shop yourself and you will belive it.



Today there are 35 Designers at the Cinco Designer Store. Between the most extraordenary things like Pompoms as Keychains, Hand-painted Shoes, and a glorious range of sunglasses you are still able to buy the Jewellery made by Ecce.



That's right. So far you couldn't read anything about how those Clothes are made. I wrote some of the Designers to give me details about it and as soon as I get something I am going to present it to you in the Label section on this blog. But this Post now is made for Ece and the Cinco Designer Store. Because Ece does something, which is in my eyes the key idea in the Sustainable-Trade-Value-Chain:

Ece gives Turkish Designers with her Store a great Platform to present their Goods. Ece thinks global and acts local.

Put Business Concepts like that in a bigger Frame and you will notice easly what this means for transportation costs and impacts and so on and on...