What's Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is one of the major Problems in the Fashion Industry.

I had no idea of Fast Fashion - never heard of it and never questioned it. And then I met Fabi at College in Dublin. Fabi is today one of my best friends and studied Textil Management. He finished his Bachelor at the LTD Nagold as one of the best of the year, because he wrote an excellent BA Thesis about Monsanto business concept. Well, to make it short: Fabi goes insane about Fashion Production and he explained to me "not knowing" is a part of Fast Fashion. So what does Fast Fashion mean?


Fast Fashion is not a very creative name - It simply means that Fashion Production became incredible fast. When you think back to times when Coco Chanel started her business then you will notice that there were not more than 4-8 Fashion-seasons a year.

Today we have 52 seasons a year; this makes a new collection of clothes each week. Not every Label serves that much collections. But the major ones in Europe and the US like Zara, H&M, Forever21, Primark and so on...

Fast Fashion is the outcome of the globalization. The Fashion Market became that fast simply because they can. The airplanes flying regularly every day, same happened to other transportation and communication became a lot easier since we have the internet. 


Well, someone had to make that clothes we buy. Fast Fashion was the birth of Sweatshops. The normal (not even as "super bad" declined) working hours in most sewing factories in South East Asia and South-America are 12Hours, 7 days a week. - Seriously! In Germany we have eight and I already hated it, and there are people sitting sewing 12 hours a day just to make me afford one of my thousand party tops from Primark or H&M - Some of them are so ugly, I don't know why I even brought them. And this kind of is another very big problem.

Picture in the  Documentary Sweatshop

Picture in the Documentary Sweatshop



image by Reuters / Sukree Sukplang

image by Reuters / Sukree Sukplang

Again, Sweatshop is not really a creative word. Some factories work to conditions, which makes the worker sweat and I don't mean missing ventilators at the workplace! 
Every Factory which breaks two rules/laws of the US Department for Labour is defined as a Sweatshop. You will find the rules listed HERE.


Due the globalization economy grew, we got richer, production got faster, cheaper and we buy more and more. We don't care, we just buy. Today each person has a four-times bigger wardrobe compared to the eighties. 


In my second semester in my Media Management Studies one of my lectures said: 

"I read Mein Kampf from Hitler - Gosh, I never have read such a bullshit before. Except that one chapter, which was genius. It's the chapter about campaigning. It perfectly works. " 

I am not saying we are all Nazis. But we like to follow a hype just because we humans. Think about it - Do you really get dressed each morning because you want to express yourself? Or do you maybe get dressed because you don't want to be the only one running around naked? 



Fight The New Drug Advertising

Fight The New Drug Advertising

Because we all want to be loved, accepted and appreciated by the way we look! We need that. If you don't get it, you become crazy and die. I am sorry, that’s a fact. There was already a King who tried to raise kids without any social interaction - and they died (except Don Quichot - if he really existed). Even if you are Mr Super Strong and Bad, as long as you are human you need love, love, love. And I am sure the Joker in Batman wouldn't get that crazy eigther if his dad would just have loved him a little more^^

Well, back to the point: We all want to be appreciated. Some of us a little more extreme in being different, which is why we have Punks, Gothics, ... and others a little less, when you just want to fit in and don't care about fashion or self expression. 

In the end we need Fashion to express ourselves. Our personality in modern and complex society focusses a lot on "whom you are" and this is presented by the way we dress. We want to be individualists, but not alone.

So Fashion Industry can't be fast enough for those of us who love to express themselves by fashion and even the ones who don't care need to buy faster, because "fitting in" is changing a lot  quicker ever since.




I know that stuff because I studied societies, trends, habits and the process of how wants and needs developing - That's actually PR. 

If you are really interested in more details in a better more formal words then you should check out this Essay Fashion Theory, Volume 16

Let me know if that text helped :)