Something to be influenced by - Great movies and documentations of the world we live in

While I have a very low opinion on most journalists and media, there are some I actually rank outstanding in the way they actually teach you something, give you a free way to think and extending your mindset - journalists I would say the world needs more of. 

While bloggers start to be called "influencers", which is a horrible word and a dangerous thing (different Blogpost on that will follow) I will list you great journalistic work, standing against PR content, making you think, not answering your questions with their mindset - Documentaries where I personally think it is more than ok to be influenced by: 

The True Cost

I talked many times about this movie, it full ends opened my eyes and it told a story I later experienced myself by traveling having a look into this sick fashion industry.  

The Propaganda Game

Made by Álvaro Longoria, I have to say one of the greatest journalists I have seen in a long while. He shows you the way of North Koreas thinking, documenting the entire conflict in a way that there is no right and wrong and people come out of the movie with very different opinions about the conflict. In my eyes that is the perfect way of questioning, seeing everyone of us as part of the brainwashed world.


It is one of the greatest ways to understand the Islamic Revolution in Iran without judging Islam. I watched it the first time together with a Moslem and I was released to get such an understandable story for this part of history where it is so hard to find information on. To me, one of the most important stories to understand history, politics and religion of Iran.  

Waltz with Bashir

It is an Israeli movie which gives an new perspective on War and what it does to us and our soul. It will make you reconsider your way of memorizing, judging and thinking of justice.  Artistic-wise  showing such a brutal topic in such an intelligent way, I rank this the greatest of all these movies.

Exit through the Gift Shop

Well that Bansky is giving smart statements is not unusual, and giving a really polite "fuck you" back to someone who misused him and the entire street art scene is first just very entertaining. But what it also gives you is this taste of how stupid people, money and mass media are. The deeper understanding of something lies mostly in something really different than the obvious. ;)   

White Helmets

This is a full on PR movie - but an important one. And the reason why I list it here is to think complex. I personally think it is important to see this movie to understand with these pictures what the situation in Aleppo is like at the moment. It is not the dark spot with terrorists fighting. It is still a place where actual humans live, such as children and old people. 

In the same time it is very important to watch the discussion around this documentation as well. The white helmets is the "left over" of a fucked up situation who also have to deal with their own shit. Those are not heroes in a need american camp, those are people who have ISIS history in their back and family at home in a city of war. So think harsh about your way to judge any of them also the people who made the documentation. Some things are not nice, but still worth to educate about - and yes, that people understand you in the world of mass communication I do believe you need such content as the documentation of the White Helmets. 

Inside Job

This again is to be seen carefully but this documentation focuses the details of financial crisis 2008 and it is just great the way its been cut! You see these smart as representative people - who normally very good getting themselves out by answering questions - as the complete blinded people without any moral standards, they actually are. Mistakes like this do not happen, if they happen "the company" (what ever it is) is literally  out of control and this is no one others mistake than theirs. I really hope that such a cut is coming up one day about fashion labels and designers! 


The documentation is very American and probably most interesting for an American, but it is definitely worth to watch how hard it is to slow down in such a fast moving capitalistic country as the united states of america