How to understand Problems in Fashion Industry

It’s a rumour to say that Fashion Industry is just developing and that Fashion is a glamorous world for girls.

Reality unlikely is a little bit different. Moreover it is quite complicated. The Fair Wear Foundation made a pretty nice video, which explains the complications and the major problems in that business.

Another very big problem is that the most of us don't know, like me just two years ago. When we see clothes, shoes, bags or what ever it might be, we don't see what's behind it.

We see the Shoes we buy as ONE single product. As if the shoe grow on a tree like an Apple. In fact one shoe is like a car with many different details in production.  The Change your shoes AT campaign made a very cool video, which shows how different we look at such things like shoes:

It was Karl Marx, who already explained in his book the Capital that if you buy a product you always see ONE product. It becomes very hard to sell a product in a way that each thing is recognized and appreciated - Well, markets and consumers developed since then, moreover we all start changing in wants and needs. Today the market is consumer focused. Advertising for example changed from telling to following: Advertising can't tell us "buy that!" Its more orientated on the habits and lifestyle we have an tells us "what we need"

Still the power of advertising is big. If you look at any advertising for a Label or Brand than you will see that they all have one thing in common. They all tell you that you will be happier when you buy it. Everything in advertising is about feelings. Advertising connects with the life we live and the wishes and needs we have. Advertising underlines a sort of thinking, that there is no problem what a product couldn’t solve. – But what do you do when you have everything and you are simply not happy?

Fash Rev

We all know the sentence Less Is More, but it seems living in the world of mass consumption it becomes impossible to proof that to ourselves. Advertising tells us we will be like this super beautiful happy model having fun with her friends wearing a special brand. But we wont. In fact it makes all of us poorer. We buy and buy and keep up this system of dependency, in which people have to suffer. The only way out of this for us is to rethink. If there is a Need there will be a Market, another very old and easy economy law.

consumer focused

There are many people who already care and there are even more good ideas out there also. We have so many more choices then we might think. I guess the key of changing something in Fashion at the moment is not the stop buying clothes - it’s about how to make a choice.

I don't entirely now how either...But I know some cool projects and I definitely will keep you updated :) 

So for now just let us make decisions a little more careful, what do you think about that?

Let me know :)