Facts you should know about Berlin: Nothing.

The best advise in Berlin can't be given. This  city has it greatness in the people, the feeling and the imperfection. Come as you are and do what you love and you will find the perfect spot for yourself. I am just clearing up with some rumors: 

"Berlin is cheap"

Compared to Milan, New York, London, Dublin maybe yes - but generally No.  There are many people who start noticing that this Hype about Berlin is something you can make money of. So Rent, Beer, Cafés and Clothes become more and more expensive, which makes it hard for students or people with a low-income. Specially the inner circle of Berlin areas is quite expensive now, evven though Berlin generally spoken cheaper is as other Capital cities. The good thing is that Berlin is huge and you always have the chance to find one last hidden spot where it is cheap, nice and just the Berlin some people already start to miss.

"Berlin is beautiful"

Well, if you call Trash and Dog-poo beautiful, then it is! It definitely has some charm! Moreover Berlin also has the most dusty air ever - which brings the absolutley georgous golden sun and pink sunsets to the city.

Don't forget that Berlin actually was very poor and some parts still are and they belong to the city. This beautiful Berlin just starts to develop and you will will be surprised how you can find beauty in the little things.

2015-10-29 18.40.48.jpg

"Berlin is dirty"

Well, there are places where that is absolutley not true! But this city is like a thousand little villages with a million hidden spots. There is simply no way to generalize and make a true statement. And maybe you notice that Berlin is full of opposites ;)


"I am gonna buy a flat in Berlin"

Not a good phrase to say! Living is renting. Buying generally makes Berlin more expensive. Most disscussed: Who owns the city?

"People in Berlin olny listening to electronic music"

Berlin is the Mekka for people who enjoy electronic music, that's for sure. But there are much more great artists coming to Berlin! There are great Hip Hop-clubs, Rock-, Indie- and many more!

"Berlin is vegan"

One of the best things you can get in Berlin is Burgers and Kebab! Both of it contain meat - Although it is true, you will find a lot vegan-restaurants, -labels, -magazines and even -markets in Berlin. Moreover most of the restaurants here have an vegan option. So generally it means: In Berlin a lot of people care about food in how it is made and where it is from. You just have huge opportunities in food (which is great and sooooo yumm!) 

"Berghain is the best club in the world"

Try it yourself. In the end it is just a night club. The greatest about the Berghain is that you won't find one type of people there. The Berghain is like Berlin - from everyone someone. (By the way, that makes you never know if you get in, cause you never now how many like you already entered. But don't follow these advices like "you only get in when you wear black")


"I am a Hipster"

This person is not a Hipster. Probably the best advice for you now is not to follow any advices anymore, otherwise you will end up in the most expensive places with the most annoying people.

"Everybody in Berlin takes drugs"

Because everybody can, doesn't mean everybody does. - It always comes back to your very own decision.


"Berlin people do not use plastic bags"

Well, that is something I was told in my first week in Berlin - It is not true. But actually it is true, that Berlin people tend to care about their enviroment. There is a huge market for shops, Labels and brands who carefully use ressources.

"I found it on the street"

Yes, you can find a lot of cool things in the streets of Berlin. There is a lot of give & take going on. Specially because of internationals, who eighter buy a lot and give it away or internationals, who are happy to take everything you want to get rid off.

"I don't have a wardrobe"

That is funny. Most of the flats in Berlin do not have a wardrobe. People use mostly clothes rails or boxes. I have no idea why this is so. But it is a funny thing to check on ;)

"Das ist mein Späti"

A very important and very Berlin thing to say. Spätis are actually like a Liquor-Store/Supermarket/Bar/Café/Place to be/always there when you need them/best Friend - they belong to Berlin like the Brandenburger Tor - but you will find out yourself once you are in Berlin, you can't miss them :) 

In the end Berlin is about people. You will find nearly any type of people there. Best place to meet  them: Späti :)

Now go and find out your self! I am looking forward to hear about your very own Berlin Story.