What do we work for and what did others work for us?

Not long ago I was at an event called Frontfrauen, which basically means “women in leading positions”.

I used to work for them which is why they invited me to their summer festival after I came back from my trip.

The evening turned out to be super inspiring by the conversations I had. Let me tell you why.


Generation mixture


Learning from different generations

The most inspiring part of this evening was that I was talking to people I usually don’t talk to very often. And as I said already many times after my trip – The most inspiring part wasn’t where I went to, it were the people I met who inspired me. Same thing happened at that party.
In the end we were standing in a group of four. One successful working women over forty, one women who works as a lawyer in the mid thirties and also has two kids, one French international master student in the mid twenties with many European exchange experience and one German with a bachelor degree in the mid twenties with a lot global travel experience.

To generalize our long talk we were talking about conscious in relation to education dreams, hopes and possibilities. 

where are you born what is your life?

First of all: All of us four were born with different possibilities right from the start of life, although all of us are born in Europe.

While the mid forty had to fight for being one of the first educated girls who left the home-town to study, the mid thirty was born into a household of parents who were strongly politically active, which resulted in her generation generally being less politically interested and more likely being satisfied by chances which were already prepared and given. Then the two mid twenties both of them with an completely international group of friends, many experiences in going abroad, high education and many internships and jobs in their CV - without ever being permanent employed.

The French one satisfied with the system she lives in, such as benefitting from the European Union, studding, working and living the private live completely with the English language in Germany. The German one highly unsatisfied by the system she lives in, unwilling to take jobs which support the money making global economy with non-ethical impacts somewhere else in the world.


Within the talk of these four, the mid-forty one pointed out that it is frustrating to see how careless the mid-twenty generation is treating the opportunities which are given- Opportunities she had to fight for and always wished to have. It was replied with stressing out that these opportunities became more or less obligations. It is nothing special anymore to have experience in going abroad. Moreover once you did go abroad you met people and you understand that there is more to work for than money. That’s what the French satisfied girl said, telling about her great life in Berlin. There is also more to work for than your own good, is what the German non-satisfied girl added.

Younger generations – lets called it the generation Y – are born into a fortune of opportunities they didn’t asked for. Using these opportunities, such as going abroad for studding and work gives them a wider conscious, which generally does not lead to the fact to give something back – such as supporting the system which leads to those opportunities.

The French used to work for an Italian designer in Berlin. So who benefits from the European Union economically is not France, neither Germany, but working for an Italian brand it is for Italy and the European Union, which leads back to Germany and France.


To break down what the mid-twenties told it is like this: If you are given something you didn’t asked for you are not able to wish for it – moreover it looses the value.


The women in the mid-thirties talks about her parents and that she tuck notice a lot about their political concerns. Therefore she felt a luck and responsibility for the chances she tuck – work was always important to her. She sees this behavior in many of her friends. Taking work as luck also means that many people of her generation might overrate the importance of work.

What does this mean?

Most of you have Netflix and have heard about the series SUITS. This is the perfect example of a generation who takes work for life. Moreover work became more important than private concerns. That is the generation of the very concerned mid-thirties, which lead to economical super-powers and many Start-up businesses. Actually a displayable generation for economy.

But what kind of trend and generation do we face now?

It is a generation of travellers, international connected – if in real life or over the internet – everyone suddenly sees himself in a wider perspective than“as a German/…”,  That`s because the people in our lives are suddenly from all over the globe and this changes the conscious into something you care about.

If I wouldn´t know anyone in India I probably wouldn´t have such a close look what is happening with the Himalaya water planning. But now, since I have friends there who will feel the impacts about this political planning, I care. I connected emotionally. I care.

Same thing is happening with the Monsanto Bayer take over. Monsanto is a company I have as a top one of my list of devils. And if I personally would work for Bayer – I wouldn’t work for them anymore, in any way as soon they start working for or with Monsanto.  – And this is exactly where the mid forty generation sais: Spoilt child. How can you say this? You have great opportunities to work with a global company, which also provides “good” in giving work to people and how can you live without money? You need money, you need a flat, you need insurance, you need... It all leads to the question: 


How will you build up a future?




And there it is: Wishes. Wishes change from generation to generation.



What future I am facing as a person in the twenties?

Why should I work for someone I don’t like, while any time I apply for job I can choose? And isn't a hitchhiking, couch surfing life-long traveller a homeless person? Nothing I fear to be. 


What do I work for? 

Retirement? We all know that this won’t exists anymore in a way that it will be enough when this generation Y is old. 

To save money instead of traveling? What for?

Through my travelling I call Indians, Turkish, Iranians, Chinese and South American people my friends. I care about them. Such as I care about what I do what influence their life.

Now I am rather involved in many non-paid or less-paid jobs to make the world around me a little bit better concerning my concerns. 

The mid-thirties one asked why someone would do that?

The mid-forty one smiled and answered instead: Because she cares and she has the opportunity to do so.  

That's the spoiled child who had a choice and made a decision.