The Monsanto Story

India has an incredible high number of suicides. Most of them are farmers. Mostly cotton farmers. The story behind all these deaths leads back to big US company Monsanto.

This company developed a genetically modified cotton, which they intruded to Indian (an other nations) farmers in the 1950, after India became independent. This cotton, called BT cotton or GMO, produces grows more cotton on one plant. With this idea Monsantos plan was it to become the monopole of seeds.

Indeed with implementing the BT cotton to farmers, Monsanto became the biggest owner of seeds in history.

Indian farmers went to depths to buy these cotton seeds.

The promised benefit of the genetically modified cotton being more resistant against pesticides, didn't  work. The outcome wasn't as it was promised, infact the BT cotton wasn't able to grow in all environments of India, which are dry and hot. Farmers had to use extra anti-pesticides, with the impact that these chemicals are highly poisoning. Moreover each year the BT cotton plant needes more of this anti pesticide, which is toxic for environment and humans.

Guess who tuck the responsibility to develop a medicine against those toxic chemicals?

Right, it was Monsanto. All this brought farmers in a desperate situation: They had to buy anti pesticides to make their living with the cotton plants, which were toxicity to them and the environment. To heal their sickness they again had to buy from Monsanto - So first farmers went to depths for buying the seed, then the outcome wasn't right, they made more depths at Monsanto for buying more pesticides and again they made more depths when they brought the medicine from them, at the point when they can't payoff anymore the land was taken by Monsanto.

It's been said that most of the cotton farmers went into their field and drunk their anti pesticides. What they leave behind is their families and a lot of depts.

This enormous sick system became very successful. Most of the cotton you find in little things like Tennis balls is made about of this BT cotton. But Monsanto hasn't labeled any of its products. Nevertheless Monsanto became market leader in India, so that nearly no other cotton is available anymore.


Monsanto hasn't paid back for anything. This company went to court a lot for different matters, but for the cotton seeds, the only pay back was a 1,5 million US Dollar pay back to Indonesia, because it was proofed that the seeds were only introduced to the market because of corruption. 


The Monsanto story is one of many horror stories, and it is a well known one, you will find many reports about it, still there is nearly no change, no improvement or help. I just chose a short but well done report about Indias relation with Monsanto. 

As usual Fashion Industy is outlay seen for its glamour not for it impacts and responsibilities starting with the seeds. This explains the closed circle of dependency many people in Fashion Industry are kept in.