Welcome at The Story Behind The Label !

You being here is already wonderful! It shows your interest curiosity to a story to be re-told to you! In 2015 I was so unbelievably shocked about what I heard about textile production. So hitch hiked from Istanbul to India and looked into all kinds of textile productions. I share the stories of wonderful humans here.

Today I am the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution for Germany and active in many other extends for more sustainablity  - At this blog you will find out about all projects and stories I was/am involved in.

Don´t hesitate to ask to join! We are all a Fashion Revolution, by our questions, our choice, our mind and our lifestyle. 


How this blog started

Countries & Cultures: Find out what culture can tell you!

Rumors and Reality: My favourite section Re-Think

Labels: Good ideas, inspiring people and actual business models in a better world

Experiences: A personal journey of my mindset changing


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Creative Connect

Find out what other projects I am involved in. Join or ask to create one with me or the great people I can connect you with!

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This is my work of transperancy for you. I created a colourful chaos around my person being involed in so many project at a time. Want to see how and why and with whom... - just click here!

Universal university worlds

I am thirsty for facts. The quite unusal way from advertising a to sientific apporach is a journey I will not let you miss out on.



A very personal section. Experessing without explaining. Words to fly over rainbows with, creating dreams and space for the utopia to happen.