Names Behind the Network of the Sustainable fashion Scene

In this section I want to give you a little over-view on names, networks and labels that touched my work, ideas and thoughts. I hope to give you a little inside on my persective of the sustainable network, that grew with me. It is a short version of inspiring people like Natascha von Hirschhausen, who I got to know as a student and who is kicking on runways now with her straight forward thinking sustainable design!

I cathogorized people and networks into subcathegories, so that I hope you will be able to find what is interesting to you!

Photo by Max Tretter at TERKONSAN in Kaharmanmaras, Turkey

Photo by Max Tretter at TERKONSAN in Kaharmanmaras, Turkey

Production, Alternative economies, logistic and Fiber Experts

In this section I will list the names of the sustainable industry. This is more a techniqual part, behind the glamoures fashion scene. Nevertheless this section is about the places and people, where the real value of fashion is produced.

NGOs, global Networks, Associations & political Links

There are many NGOs, networks and associations with different approaches of transforming textile industries. Fashion Revolution understands itself only as a roof of them, campaigning our one essential question: Who made my clothes.

Local Networks, Shops and Events to meet the Heros of green Fashion

This is my work of transperancy for you. I created a colourful chaos around my person being involed in so many project at a time. Want to see how and why and with whom... - just click here!

Scientific discourse on textile industries

The fashion scene is a repellant place for many scientists. It is about entering a harsh superficial enviroment, that asks you “to speak fashion” - nevertheless there are some brilliant scientists of different disciplines that take scientific research upon textile industries.

Small and Big Media & Influencer Channels

Sources of Infromation are the key guidance on what what we belive. To me it is not interesting to see, who has the highest reach, but the ones, who is setting the insentive of chaining mindsets.