Who am I?

Many of you have trouble with the plurality of my "statuses". I am:

This is a lot and develops from the fact that I started reseaching in a field, which (I still claim:) is lacking on research. The projects I started, I am not willing to give up on, although I realized that each one of them would not be enough.

I especially focus on the connection between industry, research and education and politics.

Where my mindset is coming from...

Moving the first time in the age of three and spending my life in more than six different cities, according to my couchsurfing profie having traveled to more then 23 countries,  I (as a shy, overthinking, introverted person)

1. did a lot of things I first didn't wanted to do

2. learned to leave my comfort zone on a regular basis

3. lost my fear of clashing realities and proving myself wrong.

I developed an urge within me to question, to understand and to change.

Since the internet gives us the opportunity to see and relate to more than what we experience in person, I document and report the journey of my understandings and changing perspectives - You are welcome to join this journey!

I understand this as a opportunity of the time we live in.

Clashing realities and opportunities are able to be seen in a wider extend then ever before. Still I am not focussing with this blog on the success in numbers, as in campaigns I am working with. To be honest, I hardly take care of any marketing aspects here. It is simply a collect the work I am engaged with. This is my attempt of bringing transperancy into the complex situation I form by starting and supporting so many projects simulatnously. 

I am working in PR, because I want to bring great people together and make bigger what we all work on. I have a great talent in "walking worlds" and create understandings and communications between groups who hardly communicate.

My aim is to bring back real messages/information to PR, marketing and advertising. From my studies in PR I learned: It does not matter which kind of product or message you sell, it is more about the how you sell it.

What I do, works, because you will always beat a lie with a fact.

Wonder what happens if you actually start promoting the ugly truth? Watch www.fashionrevolution.org


Nora Private

The plurality of cultures is my greatest school

I developed a very critical mindset - which in my job-life has always been a plus for giving constructive feedback. Privatly it might be a fair call to say I am a little adornous. So a very quick summary of my opinions:

I don't like the economy system, nor the logic of it. More - I am a huge fighter against the logic of "economical needs". In my opinion this economy-rationality fails in many aspects. One: Lacking on acknowledging non-translateable values or its impacts. These directly lead to responsibilities, which - again - seem forgotten or simply "not explainable". 

I focus on culture as the foundation for different movements, which may grow into ruling systems, having the power to change societies.

In my studies of culture and religion I focus on the question: What motivates people to act the way they do? It mostly leads to the question what we belive in (that does not need to be religion). I hope to find a way to proof that consumption is not a natural human behaviour.

As a German, I am very aware that I am benefitting from a system that I criticise. But as the kids in the slum Dharavi said to me, I did not chose where I was born, as much as they, I just have the chance to use it now.


Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch! I am open for questions, feedback, requests, ideas and criticism of all sorts. I am full of ideas and my biggest strength is to make things possible, so don't be afraid to ask. 



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