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As a private person I am someone who has a very critical mindset, which in my job life has always been a plus for giving constructive feedback, however privately it is  a fair call to say I am arduous.

Born in Bonn, moving the first time in the age of three and spending my life in six different cities, having traveled to more then 23 countries -  I did as a shy, overthinking, introverted person a lot of things I didn't wanted to do. But this developed an urge to change things in this world and work with the given destiny. I am less afraid of being hurt or failing, which sometimes makes me an non emotional bitch. 

I am working in PR, because I hate it and I want to bring back real messages to PR, Marketing and Advertising. It works because lies have shorter legs than facts. From my studies in PR I learned it does not matter which kind of product or message you sell, it is more about the how you sell it. I wondered what happens if you actually start promoting the ugly truth?

I don't like the economy system, nor logic, and I am a huge fighter against "economical needs", in my opinion this logic fails on lacking on acknowledging impacts, which lead directly to responsibilities, which seem forgotten or not explainable. I am very critical with different systems - But always  trying to find out cultural roots, which build the foundations of different movements, becoming a ruling system with the power to change into good and bad.  

I am very aware that I am benefitting from a system I criticise. Thomas Jefferson, as a slave holder, but also author of the declaration of independence is someone who inspires me to fight your given.  It is also the hardest fight I am fighting with myself:  I can never be as good as I want to - but I also take this a cruelty in this world: Even if you able to develop a perfect solution, today we live in a world where the power is with attention and reach, rather then cleverness or sustainability. 

I am not focussing this blog on the success in numbers as in campaigns I am working with. I would like to develop a collection of critical thoughts, rather then a high potential reach, as I see myself privately as a writer in the first place.

Nora Private

What ever it is,

let´s discuss it. 

The answer is never right, the answer just always depends on which factors you look at. 

I am using this platform to express my thoughts. The way I am thinking is looking for the absolut - which is not existing, as we all know. But the point is that today the internet has given us the opportunity to see and relate clashing realities and opportunities in a wider extend then ever before.

I understand this as the the big movement of the time we are living in and I want to document and report this journey of my understandings and changing perspective about this planet - You are welcome to join this journey! 


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Feel free to contact me for questions, feedback, requests, ideas and criticism. I am full of ideas and my biggest strength is to make things possible, so don't be afraid to ask. 



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