Stockerpoint & What Leather tanning really means

Stockerpoint is a Bavarian brand from Ottering who sees themselves as the leading company for arrays and other traditional costumes. Working in the international fashion business is something the company prides itself with. Well, I am not sure what it means. Because "international" may be a cool word when it comes to exchange students and so on...but I am not sure if I find it that cool in fashion industry. But, hey, we do not know yet!

Under the drop-down "company" you will find About, Philosophy and "Green Thoughts". I have to admit that this surprises me positively! Green thoughts focuses on the use of materials. Stockerpoint promises to know where their material comes from and tmake sure they control what material they are using to its environment friendliness. That is actually awesome!

Most of the leather productions do not know where the leather they use is from. So you cannot know if the cow (or any other animal) is killed just because you want to wear this nice bag or if it was "waste" of meat production anyway. Another fact in fashion industry, which I hope is going to change. If we differentiate eggs in free-range-eggs and laying battery, why can't we do the same in leather production? I think there is something to do for anyone who works in leather productions.

Lederhosen from Stockerpoint will be produced in three/four different kinds:

  • Red deer-leather from Europe which is tanned with train-oil in a biological method called viscid tanning

  • Leather from non-domestic goats who have different skin then domestic goats and give the leather the suede optic

  • Goat leather is used for the cheapest Lederhosen

    • Calve leather is also used for the low-price section - But Stockerpoint is distancing themselves from the use of low quality hogskin.

Stockerpoint also distances itself from the use of aniline dye - A way of leather tanning, which contains toxic substrates and is not allowed to use in Germany anyway. I am a bit surprised that they write it down, even though it is forbidden anyways. You do too, right?

Stockerpoint also works with local celebrities like country singer Stefanie Hertel, who already presents her second collection of Dirndl-dresses for Stockerpoint.

Stefanie Hertel in the Stockerpoint Magazin

About how Stockerpoint is producing Dirndl-dresses and Dirndl-blouses like Sarah wears it, Stockerpoint did not give an answer so far. I wrote them an e-mail, but nothing came back yet. Maybe you are better than me writing e-mails and can tell me ;)

The tanning process of leather is very detailed and might be complicated to understand - If you want to find out more details about the tanning process klick here.

And here is another movie about High Quality Leather in contrast to low quality - You might not feel well watching this movie. But it is stupid to love our leather-bags pretending this is not actually animal skin we love so much, right?



Source: stockerpoint