ModAS Nautical Sportswear

The label is called modAS nautical sportswear. They use German planted cotton, which actually is awesome and rare.

Well, knowing and wearing this brand myself for 24 years now, I can confirm it is a very traditional brand. Working with national goods is what makes modAS authentic.

ModAS is set in the very North of Germany were you have the North Sea and all the German Islands, like Juist.

It’s a brand built on trust and tradition. Kids run around in those colourful stripes and their parents do too. Talking from my perspective: My family comes to Juist since I was a little child, nothing changed in wearing the same striped scarves and heads like my sister Esther does in the pictures. The scarves are about 50 cm long and turn into a stylish light scarf for grown-ups, while they work as a proper warm scarf for little kids’ necks. 

modAS introduced an era of wearing their products with this easy classy design of maritime stripes. When we where kids we folded the hats to keep them straight on the head. In the 90’s we bought oversize hats to let them hang down in the back of the head. Now we just leave them long, like true hipsters.

modAS is registered in Ostfriesland. It is the area of Germany that Juist belongs to. Flat land which is dominated by farming. Not many people live there. A trade mark of the mentality up north is that the people are so down to earth.

So to sum it up: modAS nautical wear is a brand that shows that they understand themselves as part of their environment. Without making a big show, they simply give people what they need, taking resources from where they are from. Very rare to the fashion industry. Very stereotype Ostfriese.  So thumbs up for endurance in honesty by a fashion label, that is being tested and certified as good by me, wearing them for more than 20 years. 

So let me know what you think of them? Or maybe you even know them? Any more German island fans?