Avocado Store - Shopping List for cold months

I am not a big shopper. One part of my sustainable thinking is the question "Do I really need this?" Nevertheless I do love looking at all the beautiful things I could shop without a bad feeling. The Avocadostore has an outstanding range of offers, so as a little inspiration for you I represent my favourite items for the following cold months: 

Yes, yes - I am girly. I don't get that cross, but this style is what I love autumn for! Feminine items such as tull-skirts SinWeaver with heavy boots. If it wouldn't be so hot I could wear such things all year. And if the right autumn wind is blowing you can easily have your Marilyn feeling walking the streets - Love it! 

I am a big fan of cork - looks like super high quality leather, but it is a growing resource which you gain from trees, without harming them. Plus it is robust. With this bag you not just have a save cover for your laptop against water ect. - You can also carry it as a fancy clutch. Again being self-employed I am a big fan it a bag makes this possible too. aaaaand its on Sale! 

 Ladies in the grey rain

Ladies in the grey rain

Argghh! Nine to five is always my favourite shoe! Always these cool, stylish, sexy design which make your outfit 100% better looking. Last summer I brought pumps and I can just say I would 5000 Miles in these shoes - so comfy, such a perfect fit, such good leather & production. This is fair production and worth every penny. Boots like this just lighten up the autumn outfits! 

 Veja Love 

Veja Love 

Ok this is a shoe, I love since I have seen it. If a guy wears these shoes, I am in love! The only reason I haven't brought them the last years, is because I have a similar very old pair of adidas which are still totally fine. So I really don't need them, but I really love them! 

 Mamor Clutch  Renna Deluxe

Mamor Clutch Renna Deluxe

Maybe I am a little brainwashed by my DaWanda-times, but I find this bag super pretty! And since I am a big fan of big bags, it is always good to have many small bags where you sort your cables, tobacco, lipsticks, condoms and so on ;)   

And here you have another one from hecho, with a cool design, so that it also would work as a great gift for your male friends (I always find it so much harder to find presents for my male friends, gay or not gay...). Hecho is very great quality by the way: It is cattle leather, hand-made in central America from a family business.  

Without harmful chemicals, made in Italy, designed in Sweden. Tights is something you need in the winter time and for the feel-good mood + a certain safety on quality - worth it! 

Hmm, whats the nicest when it is cold and rainy outside? A cozy home! To me this is always connected to light, wood and natural materials. Last time I was hiking I collected some broken wood and brought it to my flat - thats exactly what the people from Almleuchten do. If you order a lamp you get a letter telling you the exact story of your piece of old wood - Loooooove that!

  Made Sustained  Lunch boxes

Made Sustained Lunch boxes

Stainless Steel Lunch boxes are extremely handy and robust. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, for many reasons, but going hiking, climbing, cycling, camping makes me considering very hardcore now these boxes - especially because you can use them as pots on your camping fire as well. And their sustainable part: They probably last forever and free from these nasty plastic chemicals.  


Big fan of these Klean Kanteen bottle! And I feel its necessary to say how great these  bottles are, because they are able to keep drinks warm or cold and can carry sparkling drinks - which 100% more handy that these hyped dropper bottles, which allow you to carry tab water and drink it from a fair produced cup...


So! Sweet, lets see how my cold-moth stockig will go on.