Fashion Shows Berlin 2016

At Berlin Fashion Week I went to Bright, Seek and the Ethical Fashion Show. I found some very nice Labels with some awesome new designs.

Indeed walking Seek and Bright it wasn't that easy to find labels which were able to tell me details about their way in producing, even the small new labels.

Very different: At the Ethical Fashion Show anyone was able to speak about any detail in production. Moreover most of them were coming up with many innovations about it. 

Nevertheless in the end I was inspired, also by the fact of noticing the big difference of standards in quality and knowledge from labels. 

These are my favorite labels from the Fashion Shows in Berlin 2016:  

Ecoalf - Upcycling the Ocean with producing out-wear   

Ecoalf is a Spanish brand which produces from waste in the sea jackets, bags and flip-flops t-shirts and jerseys. It's a similar range of stuff you would expect from Roxy and Co. - but of course better! It's 100% recycled filaments of high technical quality and textures.

What's Ecoalfs idea?   

Ecoalf started with using waste from the ocean to produce recycled fibers for their production. But as you need to invest a lot more in recycling than you get out (which is fine in reusing trash) they simply couldn't get enough. So they started to talk to the fishermen in the Mediterranean sea to keep the trash they fish - Ecoalf buys it and make clothes from it. Also out of old fishing nets Ecoalf produced a shirt.

More details about their production we can see in TV this week, at least the Germans reading this. At the 13th of July at Galileo on ProSieben a documentary about Ecoalfs production is going to be shown.


Ekn footwear

Ekn footwear was a stand I stopped at not because I was thinking that they have anything to do with sustainability (even though they totally have). I just loved their style! The shoes have a fresh design. Simple, straight, with a lot of details for the second look.

Focussing a careful use of materials Ekn came up with some very innovative ideas like wrapping the leather of the shoe in such a clever way that they use less glue (...and look awesome on the foot).   

Noel the founder of Ekn footwear has the love for details. Every shoe is special in its own way. That starts with the emblem "made in friendship" in every sole and it won't stop with a double layered leather stripe at the end of the shoe where it says "ekn footwear" or "made in friendship" again.

Max Herre created a shoe together with Noel and his team. And recoluction used one Eekin shoe to shoot their entire clothes campaign for 2016 with it. So as you see Ekn is already loved by some insiders. 

So thumps up for a Label which comes up with new ideas and creations - keeping the fashion scene creative and interesting! Their claim:

Walk clean in a dirty world 

Most of the production of Ekn footwear is happening in Portugal, the design is coming from England. More details in the video: 


Lov Joi

LoveJoi is a label with fine materials - of course organic and fair, but without any attitude of alternative or hippie fashion. Their design is straight, but again with the love for details in cuts.

Their new collection is inspired by Greece, where both of the designers Verena Paul and Kim Hoss went to help refugees. 

Out of this engagement a new collection was created and produced with two refugees who work full-time with them and three more who are still absolving their trainee. Verena Paul and Kim Hoss laugh about the collaboration: "They surprised us with their great knowledge in textile work, we learn a lot from them. What we teach them is more or less the German skills like coming to work in time and responsibility for the work."

Everything I was able to see was a very nice new collection with fine materials, great cuts - so a great outcome of a great work! 

Another big plus of LoveJoi: I went their with my friend who works as a purchaser and he asked how long it takes to get orders done. Their answer: Three days.

LoveJoi developed by pre-cutting a way of efficient working that it doesn't take them a long time to finish their orders. Very nice - I like that.

Monkee Genes  

Ten years is Monkee Genes existing. I met Phil Wildbore, designer and founder of Monkee Genes at the Seek and awesome guy who is passionate about what he is doing, he says: "The Label exists since ten years, but I created my first jeans when I was 19 and that is hundreds of years ago."

His aim is to make a great trousers. Great design, great comfort, great fit, great production, great business. He doesn't want people to buy Monkee Genes only out of ethical reasons. He wants the people to buy because they love the jeans.

He loves making them. In any details. That is why he still visiting any production by himself and choosing carefully working standards and specially watching out for chemicals. For Phil Wildbore it is not even a question to use no chemicals. 

That's not an easy task - especially with jeans. But this is why someone passionate like him does it.

A good, fair, sustainable, ethical, ... production as a unquestionable set included.


When I think about it: Why would we ever expect something else? To make a design and click in the Internet around some websites to find someone who produce my jeans is something I can do on my own, right? Of course I expect a Label I buy the clothes of to put a little more effort than that!  So thanks Phil and Monkee Genes!

Well, with Monkee Genes I found another Label which found its way into my wardrobe.



The very intent reader of this blog will say: Come on, Nora, they are not new to you. That's right, they are just so awesome that I have to talk about them again. :)  

Because Langbrett is this group of people who just do what they are interested in and they are doing it right and in a good way. Coming to their stand at the ethical fashion show you will always find kids playing around and someone who talks honestly to you. 

Langbrett is innovating in outdoor clothes, specially for surfing and skating.

At the moment they work on improving the soles on shoes because even though they buy a product which claims to be 100% recycled, they know that can not be true - and work now together with the producer on more and different ideas to improve the business of it. 

And that's what I like: People who are never satisfied and always look for new, better improvements. Soon Langbrett will come up with a new idea, which I will let you know about as soon as they give me their go to talk about. So far look at their new collection of shoes.  


My resume. 

I will use a term you normally know from Fashion Blogger: I want more! More! More! 
I want more brands like this until all of the brands are a better Version of themselves.

Because watching textile industries like this is fun!

I just hope that I when I am gonna call my friend Sunil in 10 years who lives in Dharavi (slum in Mumbai, India) at the moment he is going to tell me: The textile industry improved. It is good to work in the garment sector.