Anouki the Newcommer from Georgia in the high fashion department

In Tiblisi the capital of Georgia I visited ANOUKI -the brand of a Georgian Fashion Designer my age (24). With Anouki I am going to present you one high Fashion Label, which is just starting to become popular. 

After the girl  Anouki studied abroad she came back to her home country of Georgia to create Fashion in and for Georgia, a country where Fashion Industry is just about to redevelop. 

With her cool, chick and modern design the Label tent to give exactly that look to the women (so far only women design exist) of Georgia what suits them. 

As you can read in my other Blogpost Georgia - no problem this country is full of very strong, emancipated and proud women. Anouki gives them right style to present themselves as such women.

So why is Anouki at the Story behind the Label you might ask?

Sewing is done by a team of 6 to 15 people in the back of their second big shop in Tiblisi. 40 pieces for each collection comes with a production of 60 for each piece.

Moreover Anouki started a second collection called Miss Anouki, which is less expensive and focuses more the street-life for Georgian women - and international ones. The demand from abroad is big! Specially orders from Eastern Europe and Russia are coming in. This probably depends on the fact that Anouki is attending more eastern based Fashion weeks .

The main point which makes Anouki worth to present at the Stroy behind the label is the fact that this Label is doing a great work for developing Industry in Georgia - a counrty which still has to suffer from the former Soviet Union.

So Anouki brings economy, happiness and beauty to their own very proud counrty.

Lets hope for a great development and that they woun't loose this kind of spirit for their responsibilities.