Greatest Labels make the Greatest Shopping : A List of Shops with "Fairer Fashion"

How is shopping when you know everything you want to buy comes from a way of production which you actually don't want to support? Not so nice.

That's how I feel. No Shopping? Not an option! 

So how to shop ethical?

Here we go: That’s my proper favourite list of labels!


My personal favourite. The Lüneburger Shop started in 1996. Since then, it has developed three own labels. With the label Green Slavage they started the first upcycling project, which I love them for, because I got my absolute favourite Blazer. Best fact about them is that they have many shops in Germany. I always prefer to shop outside over shopping online...But of course they have a website:



Mud Jeans

Lease a pair of jeans! No joke! This Scandinavian brand allows you to lease a jeans for 7,50€ a month and after a year you either keep it or you send it back and get a new one. The old ones will be reproduced to used-look jeans or jerseys.

And what shall I say? They have the best customer service ever!



Aww! I just like their story! Friends, who thought: Why don't we do it better, when we know how to do it better, did it. And it turnd out to be awesome! I love their shops and they just opened up a new one in Hamburg.

Best fact: Super cool to find the right clothes for the entire family.  Check out on the Surfing Family:



For me definitely the best to go online-shopping! They give you a huge choice of fair fashion. A friend of my sister just told me that even her parents, real 68' classics, love it :) 

They also have a shop in Freiburg, just behind the new library.



I just like their style! I met them the first time on the Ethical Fashion Week in Berlin and I just had to stop by again, again and again. Lanius is able to make you look expensive and classy. So: Super worth it to check out on this label from Cologne:


People Tree

They just have the greatest concept! If you buy People Tree, you really wear fairly produced clothes from Bangladesh. Material, working conditions, education, waste and, and, and...gets only thumps up. Behind this work is an incredible nice woman called Safia Minney, who started as a development worker and ended up in founding People Tree. I also met her at the Ethical Fashion Week and can advertise this Label with all my personal mind-setting. And by the way, it is also them who are shown in the True Cost Movie as a positive example:


Armed Angeles

Pretty Hipster! Cool Style with a good price = I love it! They have the right feeling for trends and design!



Bleed is maybe already known in the German sector here ;) They just got a long story published about their Vegan Leather Jacket out of Cork at Galileo on Pro7. These guys from Oberfranken (Bavaria) are doing a pretty good job in marketing, which makes it very nice to follow them on social media. I personally like them because they built a nice skater hub in Hof :)

Best place for the Vegan Skater Boy:



My second favourite online-shop. When you don't know what you want, you will find something there. It's actually also the perfect place check out on different stuff, designers, labels and to join the crowd.



Wow, those guys just have a great choice! And best fact: Not only sustainably produced stuff, also fair trade! If someone is planning in to redecorate his or her entire life: Here we go! (I'd love to quote the German supermarket Einmal hin alles drin)



My first time looking for ethical brands, I found them. Best fact: When you buy an item online it tells you right away who made it and where. This instantly made me love the shirt I bought a little more :)


Green Shirts

A very cool, young and creative website. Best fact: They work together with young designers. Well, if you want to shop Hispter, you are definitely right here:



Also very nice style! I saw them on the Ethical Fashion Week and couldn't let my eyes of their coats!



I found them because I find their name so funny. Well, and they have awesome hats. I really love them! Half made in South Africa, other half in Germany.




I suggested this Hamburg based label to a very stylish and good looking guy when he asked me where he will find cool ethical clothes - So you see what I think of their target group!

I also met Recolution the booming label at the Ethical Fashion Week and can say its definitely run by cool Hamburg people.



This is a real insider tip! These are the labels, that make me keep caring about all this: 

The Label Aluc is founded by four friends, who believe in nothing less than the Fashion Revolution. Besides the fact that you get high quality button-down shirts, which look absolutely unique, they invented a t-shirt which is made by the survivors of Rana Plaza. They call it the Invincible Shirt, you only pay 19€ and support a real cool thing. Moreover the Upcycling Fashionstore in Berlin Mitte belongs to them, where you will always find creative stuff like crazy pretty handbags. Going to their shop talking to them you will get a lot more than only the things you buy.

Carina is one of them, who also made me stick with Fashion Revolution. All of them are involved in the organization for Fashion Revolution Germany and they make a lot of effort to bring designers, shops and interested people together to keep this change in fashion going. To me, the real hero in Fair Fashion.


So now you have my personal favourites. Do you know any of these?