Art is able to express what words would judge

Art gives you a visualisation, the judgment is made by yourself.  Seeing contemporary art is a harsh mirroring of co-exsisting realities today.

Peer Kriesel  - Maskenball

Peer Kriesel - Maskenball


Fun of human characteristics 

With his art Peer Kriesel is making fun about the power of emotions, using the characterisation of human faces.

My interpretation: 

Thinking about the selfi-time we live in it seems hilarious! The colourful mass in a dark space mirrors the time of mass communication we live in, as well as the running colours show the instability and fading of information today. 
What is power today? Reach seemed to become the most valuable component: The battle for attention. It is absurd, isn't the reach of the cute panda-video always greater then the reach of heavy valuable information? 

Where to find the Artist: 

14th September at Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof is the Opening of the exhibition Berliner Liste, where Peer Kreisel shows a collection of Art on trashed materials.  

Tickets cost between 9€ and 13€

About the Artist: 

Peer Kreisel is a Berlin Artist. Why he is the one I start with? Because he is sustainable in his choice of materials at the exhibition of the Berliner Liste 2017 he presents his Art on used tickets.