(c) Cherie Birkner for

(c) Cherie Birkner for

During my studies on Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, I already consult around sustainable communication and development in companies, universites and political communication.

The following I will list you the projects I already consulted/created/co.-founded/founded and still work with:

StartUps & Associations:

fff - future fashion forward e.V.

VinoKilo & darpdecade

Blue Ben

World Water Day 2018 & Drip by Drip e.V.


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Fashion Revolution

University Approach & Engagement:

Sustainable Office Humboldt University Berlin

Blue Engineering at Technical University Berlin

n-Zertifikat Technical University Berlin

Studium Oecologicum at Humboldt University Berlin

Deutschlandstipendiaten der Themenkasse Global Justice and Sustainability

Conference at Humboldt year 2019

Political Communication:

With fff - future fashion forward e.V. member of Deutsches Textilbündnis

Participation in Hoch N

Participation in netzwerk n

(Main focus: communication & sustainable development. B.A. in media management & political communication (2015), now studying at the Theological department at Humboldt Univerity the Master of Religion and Culture, working within the research project of Prof. Dr. Gräb, Marie Louise Frost and Philip Öhlmann)

Further projects:

Ethic Deals

Bolzmann - Der Film

Conscious Buyers Club, former Vintage It-Girl