I am working part-time as a PR Freelancer. For bigger projects I take breaks during my studies. I offer you to book appointments for a first meeting with me directly here. Explanations of what kind of work I am offering, you find scrolling down. 

Media Strategies & Communicative Visualisation


Media Strategies & Communicative Visualisation

Media Strategies  

I am an educated B.A. Media Manager and PR Strategist. In order to keep up with the more and more complex mass communication and reachability of different target groups, I am able to develop time-relevant strategies to reach specific groups, using media, events, channels and platforms with the right language and content creation for each target group.

If you have many ideas, actions or you plan a campaign, but may need help to sort them into a relevant context to make it a storytelling, I am the right person to help you.   

Communicative Visualisation

Smaller graphical work such as building websites, logos, prints, poster, event photography ect. can be done by me. I am not a designer, but I am able to handle Adobe programs and like to take smaller jobs next to my studies. I am happy to just execute what you have in mind, as well as I can make suggestions and help you to find the right phrase to represent you. 

PR  & Writing

PR  & Writing 

Work I do based on values not money

PR for Sustainability

My passion lies in connecting like-minded people to become more effective by working with each other. In sustainable markets the benefit of merging markets is as big as nowhere else. Understanding PR as an estimated outcome on relations, it is an identification around trust and ethical values, which are complex to communicate, hard to achieve, but valuable as a trust-factor. 

In this field I do not work money-related, but value related only. Meaning if you have less money, but an ethical idea which needs to be supported and inspired by an external brain, I am more than happy to help.    


Addressing in written formats differentiates a lot, I am willing to turn your words and phrases into convincing statements with a strong meaning - regardless if simplifying or embellishing, if English or German.

I am happy to support you and your idea with a written identification. 

Nora Milena Vehling

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An overview of my work experience is available at LinkedIn and Xing.

Recommendations of others (mostly in German) you will find here. 

Any further questions or requests I am happy to answer personally, feel free to contact me.